A comedic and irreverent view on all of life’s musings, twist and turns, sexy encounters, kinks and everything in between. When you want to turn off the depression regular media gives you; press play on our podcast to get away from it all. Like Kokomo but dirtier.

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We’re Not Shaming, We’re Judging - April 2, 2021

We all have our thing, Louis CK likes jerking off in front of people; we’re not shaming, we’re judging though. Do you want to be invited to an all white male fart orgy? Do you thing boo, we’re not shaming, we’re judging though. Want to film fart videos for guys who like that stuff? Secure that bag baby! Whatever your thing is, we’re not shaming, but we are judging you.

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#Sloshy - June 1, 2019

The boys return to form, they toss out the planned outline, they never work either way. Freeform conversation at its best. We discuss Netflix's Abducted in Plain Site, Prom Night, Alex's bad boy side and much more. By the end of the night we get #sloshy on Manhattans and Old Fashioned.

New Phone Who Dis? - July 1, 2019

The show returns with an old school, two host episode. Modelo filled cooler and new phone capabilities, what could go wrong? Irreverent Show groupie Fantasy Dan calls in to respond to hate mail about his previous phone call. Alex single handidly offends the deaf community and Forrest Griffin in an epic segment. Former Marine Rob calls in and discusses why you shouldn't visit Whisper Alley in Okinawa. Delinquent Balance Ariel calls in and more.

Los Espookys - October 31, 2019

The show returns with the Halloween Special you didn't know you needed. With the spooks, ghost, spirits, and some Demi Lovato nude pics sprinkled in for comfort. Alex and Adrian tell stories about ghostly encounters and the dangerous and horrors of the Ouija Board. On deck they drink some themed cocktails such as the "Come on Wednesday Adams" and the classic "Ghost Fashioned" - rumor has it, the spirits made appearances through the episode, listen closely (Headphones recommended)

Los Espookys 2 - October 24, 2020

Its Halloween season and 2020 is scary as it is, The Irreverent Show brings you another installment to their Halloween specials Los Espookys. Recorded live from Camp Crystal Lake. Zombie cheek clapping? Check. Zombie apocalypse survival chances? Check. Live in an expensive flat and you need a monster roommate? Check. Swinging with the ghost in your guest bedroom? Check. Exorcism? Check. Murder House? Check. Urban Legends? Check.
Don't let 2020 get you in the dumps enjoy this Halloween Season with comedy and ridiculousness.

Chris Cuomo? Nope. Vance Jones? Nope. Anderson Cooper? Nope. Rachel Maddow? Nope. CNN, no. Fox News, no. MSNBC, Who the fuck has hotmail.
Alex, Alex and Adrian. You want the tough question, we give them and Alex has the documents. 
The election special you didn't know you needed. 
Fuck Spotify.

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